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SIGMA-HR Lead Generation Campaign

SIGMA-HR, a Quebec firm specializing in the development of human resources management software applications, called on Braque to promote its new SIRS (Social Relations Information System) software solution developed for the French market of large companies (1,000 employees and more).

SIGMA-HR lead generation campaign

As a human resources field comprising all relations between the company, employees and their representatives, social relations are still managed manually in most French companies. With this in mind, and given that the software is completely unique on the market, the agency had to therefore publicize this new SIGMA-RH offer to HR decision-makers in order to generate qualified leads.



The main challenge of this campaign was to reach a very niche market by addressing a complex and poorly documented subject. Unique to France, social relations encompass a multitude of activities and are subject to frequent legislative changes. For Braque, understanding the day-to-day issues faced by social relations managers was a foremost objective to achieve in order to propose solutions to overcome those issues.

Braque expertise

Why choose Braque for this project?

As an expert agency in digital marketing, Braque had the mastery of the web ecosystem that was essential for the realization of such a large-scale project. Indeed, inbound marketing mobilizes several digital marketing expertises, such as content creation, digital advertising, marketing automation, web page development and much more. Finally, by positioning itself at the heart of its clients’ businesses, the agency is used to exploring each client’s field of activity in depth. So the team was eager to take on the challenge of mastering social relations.


With the objective being to generate qualified leads for the software purchase, inbound marketing was the right strategy for this mandate. Braque therefore had to create a range of relevant and highly targeted content on the digitization of social relations in order to spark the interest of HR decision-makers while presenting them with the new SIGMA-HR SIRS solution.

With a strategic approach, Braque developed automation workflows that offered potential customers different pieces of content adapted to each stage of their buying journey (blog articles, practical guides, white papers, product sheets and a webinar).

Automation workflow

Of course, not all social relations managers were at the same stage in their thinking about adopting a SIRS software. While some were actively looking for a solution to automate their activities, others were simply unaware that such software was now available on the market.

Depending on their knowledge of the subject, they were presented with a different piece of content to get them into the automated scenario that suited their needs.

SIGMA-RH white paper landing page
SIGMA-RH's white paper on social relations

Sending content pieces at each stage of the scenario helped to ensure the progression of leads through the conversion funnel, to collect data on these potential customers and to determine whether they were qualified opportunities.

Campaign dashboard example

Finally, Braque designed a digital advertising strategy to expand the reach of the campaign and raise awareness of SIGMA-RH among its target audience. Using a shared dashboard designed by the agency, the client had real-time access to the results of their advertising efforts.


In less than two months, the campaign served over 3,000,000 impressions to a highly targeted audience of influencers and HR decision-makers within large French companies and achieved excellent click rates on the selected media, creating thousands of sessions on the multiple landing pages created for the campaign. The marketing offensive enabled SIGMA-RH to attract several hundred qualified leads, an impressive number for a product targeting a niche market

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