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Braque: Our Projects and Achievements Over the Years

Braque's history is full of successes, challenges and creations. Discover the numerous achievements of our agency over the years.

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|Travel Marketing

Reddit: A Powerful Asset for Travel Marketing

When appropriately used, Reddit can be very useful for businesses in the tourism industry, even though it's a particular type of social media. Learn more about this platform and how to integrate it into your travel marketing strategy.

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|Food Marketing |News

Braque Agency, specialized in food marketing, welcomes Brome Lake Ducks

Agence Braque is pleased to welcome Brome Lake Ducks as a client.

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|Food Marketing

4 Food Trends to Use On Social Media in 2023

Are you managing social media for a restaurant or food company? Take your food marketing strategy to the next level with these extremely popular content themes on social media! Find out which food trends will be the most important in 2023, and take advantage of them to get the best results.

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3 Tips to Get the Best Hotel Ads

Our digital marketing experts offer their advice on how to get the best results from your hotel advertising campaigns. Discover their top three recommendations to maximise the performance of your hotel marketing initiatives.

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|Digital Marketing

TikTok: The new search engine for travellers

We look at the different reasons why travelers turn to Tiktok as well as the benefits of using it in your next campaigns.

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Braque achievements: Three campaigns that surpassed their objectives

At Braque, we have a team that works to optimize each of our campaigns. Here are a few of our successful projects completed during the year.

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Food marketing: Why develop Holiday packaging?

In this article, we will explore the benefits of adapting your packaging to the holiday season and share some tips to make it a success.

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|Food Marketing

A new identity for Kétolat

Kétolat is a local brand that produces scrumptious Keto chocolate products. Since its inception in 2019, Kétolat has experienced steady growth in Quebec, however, the company felt that it was time to expand past provincial borders into new markets.

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Our four ways to foster well-being at work

This is good news for employees. However, companies need to know how to improve their staffs’ well-being! Beyond salary and working conditions, people are mostly looking for a job that will bring them recognition, upskilling, a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. This is why at Braque, we have set up a Wellness Committee, made up of employees and management.

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