Brome Lake Ducks take flight again with Braque

Advertising Campaign
more visitors to the Brome Lake Ducks website

A multichannel campaign by Braque delighting consumers and retailers, to highlight the return of Brome Lake Ducks products on shelves.

Brome Lake Ducks, Canada’s oldest company specializing in Peking duck farming, is a leader in the industry in North America, with its products long being favorites among Canadian consumers. After 110 years of operation, an outbreak of avian flu forces the breeder to temporarily suspend production. After over a year of interruption, production resumes, but the products had gradually disappeared from shelves. How to regain consumer interest in this flagship brand and encourage retailers to restock Brome Lake Ducks?

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The Strategy

Research by Braque shows that consumers have not lost their attraction to duck meat, which they enjoy cooking and are always on the lookout for simple new additions to their diets. Furthermore, consumer interest in local products remains strong. The stage is set for Brome Lake Ducks to make a strong comeback in consumers’ diets, hoping to turn a pivotal page.


Creative Approach

With a smile, this campaign for Brome Lake Ducks will bring consumers back to the product. Based on the producer’s logo animation, with its iconic duck returning to land at its centre, the campaign’s various messages all carry a friendly nod that recalls the regional origin of the products but also highlights their unique nature with a French play on words: “le Canard du Lac Brome, c’est le meilleur du coin-coin.”, Brome Lake Ducks, the best all-around.


The Media

The campaign unfolded across a variety of multimedia platforms targeting a food-loving and cooking enthusiast audience. The integration of duck confit as the introduction item on the Curieux Bégin show stood out, but numerous TV and digital placements reached consumers over 12 million times throughout the campaign, resulting in a 68% increase in users on Canards du Lac Brome’s website and a successful return to food retailers’ shelves.


A 25-times higher engagement rate than the industry average on Meta.
68% more unique visitors to Canards du Lac Brome's website.