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Quebec and Canada travel and vacation trends in 2022 

Curious about what’s happening in travel and vacation trends in Quebec and Canada in 2022? Buckle up, because this summer, travellers are more ready than ever to take off on vacation: they’re looking to escape, to be amazed, to feel good and to discover new things!

1. Expectations are high

After a pandemic that restricted travel, but still provided us with the opportunity to discover our province’s most beautiful tourist regions, “the essence of travel in 2022 will be to take full advantage of enriching and meaningful experiences, both in Quebec, Canada and outside the country,” explains Mary Zajac, Public Relations Manager at Expedia.

“Travellers are looking for exciting experiences, while focusing on their well-being. Quebecers have been saving up during the pandemic for travel, and hope to use these savings to enjoy every moment of their next vacation.” In fact, according to the Quebecor/Expedia1 report, Canadians have planned an average budget of $2,600 for their next trip. Definitely enough to get away and be comfortable!

Canadian travellers are looking for the “wow” factor as they seek out extraordinary experiences:   

  • 34% would like to experience a sense of euphoria and exhilaration during their trip;  
  • 31% want to experience different activities or see new landscapes;  
  • 26% would like to experience rural areas, outside of the places usually visited by tourists;  
  • 54% plan to spend more on travel than before the pandemic.

2. Caution is still key

Even though the urge to travel is strong, travelers will continue to respect health measures that are still in effect: 

  • 55% of Quebec travelers will place more importance on sanitary measures once they arrive at their destination;  
  • 48% of travellers will choose a destination where the level of Covid spread is low;  
  • 43% will plan more time for activities outside their hotel to eliminate stress on themselves and employees. 

3. Quebec is still very popular

The “belle province”, which we were able to explore or rediscover in 2021, is still very popular. Just like last year, outdoor activities will be up front and centre during Quebecers’ trips. Here is the list of the most popular ones:

  1. Outdoor sports activities   
  2. Contemplative outdoor activities    
  3. Beach and swimming   
  4. Road trips  
  5. Adventure tourism

But Quebecers also plan to discover Canada, whether it be the Maritime provinces, Central Canada or Western Canada (in particular to take in the Rockies and wilderness).

Flora and fauna in our national parks will be more popular than ever in 2022. To this, add local cultural discoveries, including gastronomy and local products of all kinds. 


4. Travel abroad resumes

46% of Quebecers plan to travel abroad in 2022. Many will be heading to where the weather is warm, in particular for the beach, the exotic nature of the location and to relax.

Sun destinations will therefore be a top choice, whether it be Cuba, Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean or the southern United States. However, 30% of Quebecers plan to go to Europe in 2022. 

Have a great vacation!  

Wherever you go or whatever you do, everyone at Agence Braque wishes you a marvelous holiday in 2022!  

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