Jean-Marc Demers

Less theory, more practice

I spent the months preceding my arrival at Braque reading all of the scientific articles possible about creativity and the advertising industry.

Thanks to my Master’s dissertation, I could easily recite all the various factors that influence the production of creative ideas, theories about agency culture and the issues related to the training of advertising executives.

In theory, I knew the advertising world well, but I wanted more practical experience.

Obviously, I jumped on the opportunity when I saw that an interesting agency in Old Montréal was looking for a content writing intern for the summer. So, armed with my books on creativity and my few months of copywriting experience, I landed at Braque, not really knowing what to expect.

Long live small agencies !

What I immediately appreciated at Braque was how much confidence they have in their employees and the degree of independence they enjoy. Since it’s a small team, each person is an expert in their area. This leaves a lot of space for freedom and professional development. If you don’t know something, you have to be ready to learn it!

Right from the very first week of my internship, I was invited to participate in several campaigns and was quickly given my own projects. I was able to experience working with a host of formats, subjects and clients. I hate routine, so I was fulfilled by the variety of tasks I had to deal with.

Working in a small agency means working with a small, tight-knit group where everyone has a voice, and each opinion counts. The team’s warm welcome immediately made me feel comfortable. My colleagues were always available to answer my questions and share some of their experience with me.

An exciting position

My internship at Braque allowed me to confirm my interest in the advertising industry, and above all, for content marketing.

What I like the most about being a content writer is that it requires that you become knowledgeable in many areas to be able to write texts for our different clients. This summer I learned more that I would have ever thought about subjects as varied as product packaging, private investigations and cloud computing (which is nonetheless practical, since this is what my boyfriend does for a living). This position enables me to satisfy my curiosity and explore many areas, while harnessing my creativity for our clients’ benefit.

Even if I already had some professional writing experience, I nonetheless learned a lot about several aspects of my future career that I didn’t known before: copywriting for the web, SEO, inbound marketing strategies, etc. I have to admit that optimizing the architecture of a blog for SEO purposes still makes my brain hurt (do we say pillar or theme?), but I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with all of these things that I had never been exposed to in my courses.

After having had such a great experience this summer, I was happy to be able continue my journey with Braque by accepting a position of Content Writer. I can keep working on all the great projects I started and contribute to the development of what we offer in terms of digital marketing expertise.

If working in an agency interests you, I can only say go for it! It is a stimulating, creative environment where you are always challenged to push your limits. In any case, if you are looking to work at an agency, I definitely recommend that you find one at Braque!

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