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Lead Generation Campaign for Processia

To support its sales team, Processia entrusted Braque with the creation of an inbound marketing campaign that would generate qualified leads


Processia is a consulting company operating in nine countries in the field of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), integrating PLM IT solutions developed by Dassault Systèmes. The company offers a range of services including consulting, upgrading, maintenance, integration and planning to its customers across an array of industries.



To fulfill the mandate, the agency had to reach a very specific audience, i.e., decision-makers from companies already using Dassault systems who were looking to upgrade or maintain their system. It was therefore essential to fully understand their needs and to optimize ad targeting in order to reach them with the right content at the right time.



Braque first designed different automation scenarios (workflows) following the steps of the consumer’s buying journey.

A digital advertising strategy was developed to encourage users to download a first piece of content and thus enter the conversion funnel. Once this step was completed, leads would receive additional pieces of content, via a suite of automated emails, that would fuel their thoughts on updating and maintaining their Dassault system.



In order to gather as much information as possible about the target audience and optimize campaign performance, the agency offered two different pieces of content at each stage: an e-book and white paper to increase Processia’s awareness, a webinar and white paper for the consideration phase, and two free analytics offerings at the conversion stage.



Braque also performed A/B testing for all the content pieces created (landing page, emails, ads, etc.). In total, over 60 separate marketing assets were produced and tested during the campaign.


The team had to be agile to deploy everything in a short time frame. The different automation scenarios were launched in parallel, and the campaign was continuously optimized to save time and accelerate lead conversion.

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