Jean-Marc Demers

An Identity for the New Tour de Tables Event

Braque was tasked with developing the identity of a brand-new gastronomic event in Montréal. The concept of this gourmet rendez-vous is very simple: upscale restaurants get together and each offers a five-course menu created specifically for the occasion. The Agency’s mission was to come up with a name, logo and visual identity for the event

Expertise Food Marketing

An open invitation

Braque decided on the name “Tour de Tables,” which perfectly evokes the convivial, gourmet aspect of the event. In itself an invitation to foodies to visit the participating tables, the name also represents the raison d’être of the rendez-vous: the pleasure of getting together around a great meal and discovering new flavours.

Tour de Tables visual identity

A new brand identity to illustrate the event

Delicate and refined, the logo developed by the Agency can be easily modified over time and is simple to use in many contexts. It is based on interesting graphic elements which can be presented in various forms on promotional items and objects.

The Agency was also mandated to develop several communication tools for the Tour de Tables event.

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