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Braque Wins New Food Industry Clients

It’s now Appalaches Nature’s and Alternative Aliment-Terre’s turn to draw on our food marketing expertise.

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Digital marketing performance analysis

5 key points to consider when incorporating digital marketing into your omnichannel strategy

Many marketers make the mistake of considering digital and traditional media as two completely different ecosystems. That said, not only is it possible, but it is highly recommended to combine them into a singular, omnichannel campaign. In doing so, you increase the points of contact with target audiences and make it possible to accompany consumers at all stages of the purchasing process.

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Phil Jones, le Directeur de création de l'Agence Braque

Five Steps to Develop your Brand Image

Developing your brand image is an exciting step for many young companies. It’s the time to express yourself, to be creative, to show the world who you are, and above all, how you want to be perceived.

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