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Phil Jones, le Directeur de création de l'Agence Braque

Five Steps to Develop your Brand Image

Developing your brand image is an exciting step for many young companies. It’s the time to express yourself, to be creative, to show the world who you are, and above all, how you want to be perceived.

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Braque is looking for a Coordinator

Braque is looking for a Coordinator

We are currently looking for that special someone to fill a new coordinator position within our Account Services team. Our Account Services team is responsible for client relations and project management, as well as strategic planning and new client development.

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Food Industry: How to Relaunch Your Activities Post-COVID-19?

For companies, “deconfinement” is not synonymous with “back to normal.” On the blog this month, we will share our advice about how to relaunch your marketing activities in the post-crisis period, so that you can reach customers better and regain their confidence, as well as support them during this uncertain period.

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