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Expo Entrepreneurs 2020 Review

Last week, Expo Entrepreneurs took place for its third consecutive year. An event where Quebec entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and be inspired by ambitious, innovative projects. This year was particularly special for our team, since we presented a conference to signal the official launch of Matrice, our new division specialized in content marketing.

More than 6,000 attendees participated in activities based on five themes: the environment and the fight against climate change, mobilizing your ecosystem, giving yourself resources, challenging the status quo and making your market launch a success.


Content marketing for entrepreneurs

Our conference dealt with the last theme and was entitled “Sell less, sell better,” which introduced participants to the principles of inbound marketing. This sales strategy is particularly advantageous for young companies, because it allows them to maximize their investments by attracting qualified prospects with relevant content. An inbound marketing campaign can be conducted with a much smaller budget than that of a traditional advertising campaign.

“In my opinion, the most interesting thing about this presentation was to be able to provide practically a turnkey tool to entrepreneurs to help them start an inbound marketing program and achieve their business goals. We really emphasized the technical aspects to make it all less theoretical,” said Andréa Berroyer, Content Marketing Specialist at Matrice.

After all, marketing communications is a key part of any brand’s success. Therefore it was essentiel to demonstrate its importance to companies and to offer them a concrete solution tailored to their reality.


Something for everyone

The huge success of Expo Entrepreneurs 2020 is due in large part to the wide variety of subjects covered. According to Charlie Leydier-Fauvel, who is responsible for the event’s program, several participants even said that they would have liked to be able to split themselves up to be able to attend several presentations at the same time:

“Everyone was very happy with the content diversity, the immense choice available, and what I was happy about while walking around was to see that all the spaces were filled,” he said.

In short, it was an event that provided a wealth of opportunities for meetings, sharing and inspiration. If you missed it, put it in your agenda for next year. Who knows, maybe we could meet there!

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