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TikTok: The new search engine for travellers

We look at the different reasons why travelers turn to Tiktok as well as the benefits of using it in your next campaigns.

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With one billion active users and 650 million downloads in 2021, TikTok is, without a doubt, a very popular social media platform. If the application was originally designed for entertainment, it is also increasingly used as a search engine. With a simple keyword, people have access to hundreds of videos offering advice and recommendations on the subject of their choice, in a short and captivating format.

This trend is especially noticeable in the tourism industry. According to a study by MMGY Global, 40% of travellers over the age of 30 would rather use TikTok than Google to plan their getaways.


TikTok popularity among travellers

Tiktokeurs en voyage

When we talk about content on TikTok, one word comes to mind: authenticity. People who look like us and who post content with little editing and often in a spontaneous way. The trend is no longer trying to achieve perfectly polished images of Instagram influencers. We want the real deal!

On TikTok, creators more regularly publish shorter, less polished videos in which they honestly share their experiences. The content doesn’t have to be professional. The important thing is that it is interesting and entertaining.

People are also looking for authenticity in the way they travel. They want to explore new destinations like locals, do activities off the beaten path, and try the best neighbourhood restaurants. Since the pandemic began, many TikTokers have started creating videos to show people their hometowns and their hidden treasures.

A lot of the content on TikTok is focused on more responsible tourism, denouncing overtourism and inviting travellers to visit lesser-known destinations, which is aligned with the concerns of younger generations.

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Why be on TikTok as a tourism business?

Here are the main benefits of adding TikTok to your marketing strategy.

See your destination through the eyes of travellers

On TikTok, people document their journey honestly and in real time, allowing you to see firsthand how they experience your offering. This content highlights what they like about your offering, as well as the sticking points. Companies rarely have the opportunity to get such direct feedback!

Participate in the conversation

Whether or not you are present on TikTok, people are still talking about you. By posting content of your own, you have the opportunity to participate in the conversation rather than just observe it. This is your chance to answer questions raised by travellers, correct misinformation that is circulating, or address misconceptions about your destination or establishment.

Reach a very large audience

TikTok is much talked about as a hyper-popular app among Generation Z, but over the past few years, the age of users has become much more diverse. Today, 42% of them are between 30 and 49 years old (Statista). The platform therefore allows you to reach a large pool of potential consumers from different generations.

Gain better visibility

One of the great strengths of TikTok is its algorithm that encourages the discovery of new content. An unpopular account can easily achieve a viral video, since the app favours creativity and interesting content over subscriber count. Considering that creating TikTok videos requires few resources, it’s an affordable marketing tool that could pay off for you.


Ready to get started?

We advise you to create your TikTok account now, in order to reserve your username and to start quietly getting familiar with the platform. Get inspired by the trends and keep an eye on what’s out there in terms of travel content. If you need a hand when it comes to developing content, let us know!


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