Jean-Marc Demers

Anastasia Collet is the winner of the 2021 Internship Contest

We are pleased to present the grand prize winner of our Strategy Internship Contest: Anastasia Collet, who is currently completing her bachelor's degree in Marketing Communications at UQÀM, option Psychology of motivation and emotions.

Anastasia Collet, winner of our 2021 internship contest

She stood out thanks to the quality of her response to the case study presented to the participants, which clearly demonstrated her analytical and research skills. She was able to put these skills to good use at the Relève Communication 2021 contest, where she participated as a strategist. 

We were also impressed by her background in psychology. Her curiosity and interest in human behaviour are two essential qualities of a good strategist. 

Finally, her passion, motivation and drive were enough to convince the jury that she had a place in the team. 

Congratulations, Anastasia, we look forward to welcoming you to the agency!   

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