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An appointment hat trick at Braque: the agency consolidates its expertise in travel and food

Since its early beginnings, Braque has garnered a wealth of experience in the travel and food industries. So as to underscore this expertise and better meet the needs of its clients, the agency recently realigned part of its client team around these two verticals.

Triple Appointment

This realignment features a fusion of the existing consulting and operations teams as well as a triple appointment within the agency. Kelly Taylor, Account Manager at Braque for the last five years, has been promoted to the position of Account Director. Her main responsibilities will be to guide account managers in strategic planning, to drive client relationships and to actively contribute to agency development. Caroline Graf, also an Account Manager at Braque for the last five years, will lead the Food Marketing practice and Jessica d’Anjou, a former Project Manager, will take on the role of Account Manager and will lead the Travel Marketing practice.

Braque is proud to develop its talent internally while assuring stability for its clients. The client team is led by Marie-Josée Bourque, Vice President of Account Services, who continues to oversee all accounts.

Adapting to Industry Needs

As a result of this reorganization, the agency positions itself to effectively meet the specific needs of the travel and food industries with dedicated personnel responsible for each sector. Additionally, this initiative aims to promote greater fluidity in communications as well as contract execution.

Braque continues to collaborate with clienteles in a variety of sectors, including technology, health and professional services.

Pictured, from left to right: Jessica d’Anjou, Kelly Taylor and Caroline Graf

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