Braque cooks up winning recipes

Braque nourishes agri-food companies with data, strategic advice and creative solutions.

Sales promotions, product launches, new packaging: no matter the
mandate, our in-depth knowledge of food industry issues, requirements and
trends positions us as the ideal partner to raise your brand and reach your
target market at every point of contact.

Food Marketing Experts

After having worked on several food industry mandates, we have developed a real taste for the industry. Today we have an entire internal team dedicated to food marketing creating relevant strategies to deal with your concerns, whether it be occupying more shelf space, filling up more grocery baskets, and ultimately, garnishing more plates.


Research and Strategy

Successful strategies are based on discoveries made after digging deeper into the realities of our clients’ businesses and into consumer behaviour. When you ask good questions, you get the right answers.


Strategic planning
Relationship and loyalty marketing
Brand positioning


We want to express ourselves to inspire, share, stand out and provoke change. Not to fill a void.


Ad creation
Brand image
Content creation

Digital Marketing

In a rapidly changing world, we develop digital strategies that multiply points of contact with your target market and tangibly optimize your investment.


Media planning and purchase
SEO, SEM and programmatic
Content and social media marketing


Do you want to know more about food marketing? You're in luck, we regularly write about the subject. Find our articles on our blog, or sign up for our newsletter.

Packaging Sana

A new identity for Kétolat

Kétolat is a local brand that produces scrumptious Keto chocolate products. Since its inception in 2019, Kétolat has experienced steady growth in Quebec, however, the company felt that it was time to expand past provincial borders into new markets.

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Vignette PGQ on sème au Québec

Creation of an awareness campaign for the Producteurs de grains du Québec

Braque deployed a campaign on the importance of grain producers for Quebecers and on the issues they face.

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Social media agency

Food products: How to market them on social media in 2022

Looking to boost the sales of your food product? Interested in reaching your target audience and attracting leads and conversions? Look no further than social media. The highly popular digital platforms of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok are now prime forums for any product wishing to reach consumers in a friendly and fun way. Here's how to take advantage of these essential marketing tools.

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