Sweet Sixteen Tastes Beautiful ad campaign

Advertising Campaign
growth in Instagram followers

Sweet Sixteen, a leading confectionery brand, teams up with Braque for a successful winter campaign, sparking excitement on social media.

A leader in the confectionery category, Sweet Sixteen is a flagship brand for candy lovers. Its extensive distribution network allows for a dominant presence at the point of sale, particularly in C&G establishments (convenience stores and gas stations). With the approach of the winter season, a campaign now aims to bring the brand closer to consumers through mainstream media, to keep Sweet Sixteen top of mind in purchasing considerations, regardless of the point of sale.

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The Strategy

Targeting a mixed but generally young adult audience, the campaign aimed to associate the Sweet Sixteen brand with pleasure and celebration. Sweet Sixteen is a reward and a well-deserved moment of happiness, even more welcome at a time of year when fatigue sets in and daylight becomes scarce.

The Creatives

Animating the different candies found in a bag of Sweet Sixteen brings to life the festive spirit that the brand evokes. Modeled in 3D, each candy spins and dances to upbeat music: Sweet Sixteen tastes beautiful! Reusing the familiar colors of the brand’s packaging, the campaign is visually striking, vibrant, and brings a good dose of happiness to the Canadian winter landscape.

The Media

The visually rich creation was supported by a media strategy including a significant digital component, as well as a strong presence in outdoor advertising. Among the digital placements, social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok reached millions of consumers nationwide. Banners and pre-roll videos complemented the social aspect, adding millions of impressions.


Outdoor advertising was deployed on several hundred displays, in both digital and traditional formats, with over 64 million impressions generated during the campaign.


A 47% increase in Instagram followers.
A 56% increase in TikTok followers.
Campaign reach 189% higher than the previous year, at a cost per thousand (CPM) 6 times lower.