Celebrating Fromagerie Hamel’s unique experts

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more followers on Instagram in two weeks.

The leader in retail sales of fine cheeses in Canada, Fromagerie Hamel has several establishments in the Montreal area and stands out not only for the wide variety of quality cheeses it offers to a loyal clientele, but also for the expertise and warmth of its team of advisors, who clearly know their domain well.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Hamel wishes to highlight this milestone with a special event or initiative that would showcase its employees’ contribution to its success, affirming its position as an industry leader in the process.

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The Strategy

Analysis conducted by Braque reveals that most of the products offered by Hamel can be found at other retailers, and there are several other retailers specializing in the retail sale of cheeses. However, it is the Hamel team that stands out for its expertise and training, a brand equity that few other retailers can rival.


Another key finding from the research is the intimidating aspect of a specialty shop for a consumer, particularly for newcomers.


Braque relied on these two elements to create a social media campaign where employees are the stars, and their expertise is highlighted in a playful and accessible way.


The Creatives

The agency produced a series of seven employee portraits, each sharing a tip, recipe, or trick. A lively studio photo session showcased them, and this content was placed on a dedicated microsite for the campaign, fousdefromages.ca, in honour of the cheese seller’s slogan.


Each piece of content was then gradually disseminated on the retailer’s social media channels, through organic posts and sponsored posts to reach new audiences.


A contest concluded the campaign to add a dynamic touch to this colourful campaign.



16% increase in Instagram followers in two weeks.
52% higher engagement rate than the average in the food industry.