Jean-Marc Demers

Content marketing for FCC

Braque produced a series of video clips as part of a content marketing mandate for FCC, aiming to highlight local agri-food entrepreneurs to support their growth.

FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture and food lender, dedicated to the industry that feeds the world. FCC employees are committed to the long-standing success of those who produce and process Canadian food by providing flexible financing, information and knowledge. FCC provides a complement of expertise and services designed to support the complex and evolving needs of food businesses. As a financial Crown corporation, FCC is a stable partner that reinvests profits back into the industry and communities it serves.

As part of FCC's content marketing Food and Beverage Stories video series, we conducted an interview with Geneviève Gagnon, the founder of agfood company La Fourmi Bionique.

A value-added content strategy

This assignment aimed to highlight Quebec’s food processors with insights drawn from their own entrepreneurial experiences. Since FCC already produces a considerable amount of value-added content, primarily aimed at inspiring and assisting Canadian agricultural and agri-food businesses, this content series was expected to bring a new complementary dimension, drawing directly from the experiences of Quebec entrepreneurs.

Braque proposed creating “Food and Beverage Stories,” a series of intimate interviews with founders and buyers of local agri-food companies. These interviews, authentically and sincerely filmed in the entrepreneurs’ work environments, aimed to shed light on advice and suggestions to better guide other entrepreneurs already operating in food processing or those aspiring to do so.

Dans le cadre de la série de capsules « Autour de la table » pour le marketing de contenu de FAC, nous avons réalisé une entrevue avec Quentin Ryckaert et Vincent Coja, fondateurs du transformateur alimentaire Allo Simonne.

Open-hearted insights

Broadcast at regular intervals on FCC’s social media channels, the interviews provided rich insights into the journeys of leaders such as Geneviève Gagnon from La Fourmi Bionique, Vincent Coja and Quentin Ryckaert from Allo Simonne, Gabriel Laurin and Olivier Goulet from Artypac, Lilian Wolfelsberger from Distillerie de Montréal, and Patricia St-Aubin from Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods.

The interview series is sure to capture the interest of local entrepreneurs and effectively fulfills FCC’s objective of supporting Canadian agri-food businesses in their development.

Dans le cadre de la série de capsules « Autour de la table » pour le marketing de contenu de FAC, nous avons réalisé une entrevue avec Lilian Wolfelsberger, distillateur et fondateur de la Distillerie de Montréal.
“FCC is 100% dedicated to serving the agriculture and food industry, so we believe it’s important to bring the industry to life through storytelling. Working with Braque enabled us to share great stories about innovative food and beverage businesses in Quebec, possibly inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.” – Andy Tate, Senior Social Media Consultant at FCC.

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