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Creation of an awareness campaign for the Producteurs de grains du Québec

Braque deployed a campaign on the importance of grain producers for Quebecers and on the issues they face.

Quebec grain producers work hard every day to feed Quebec in quantity and quality. However, they are now facing numerous environmental, economic and technological issues that threaten the future of their operations. Now, more than ever, they need the government to make agriculture a priority.


Manifeste PGQ

The Producteurs de grains du Québec looked to Braque to develop an awareness campaign that would mobilize the population and, at the same time, get the government’s attention. The objective of the mandate was twofold: to promote the producers’ profession and, above all, to make their cause known to the general public. A word game was then created, using the sound of  on s’aime (we love each other) and on sème (we sow) for the campaign.

PGQ - publication dans La Presse +
Aperçu du micro site de PGQ

As such, Braque deployed a large-scale, multiplatform campaign stemming from a microsite. This site presents fun and informative content about the importance of grain producers on what Quebecers put on their plates and the issues they face. It also includes a video manifesto featuring testimonials from local producers to generate emotion and humanize the campaign.

In addition to user-generated organic shares, a paid media component was developed to extend the campaign outreach. This included social media content, web banners, digital outdoor billboards and a partnership with La Presse+.

Alex - PGQ

The result: a touching and informative campaign that mobilises people towards a common dream of strong and sustainable local agriculture.

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