Packaging and branding development for Johnsonville


Braque refreshes the entire range of popular Johnsonville food products for the Canadian market.

Founded in 1945, Johnsonville Foods is one of the world’s largest sausage manufacturers, with distribution covering over 45 countries. Its products are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and the growth potential remains high.


After a brand image revision for Johnsonville in the United States, Braque was tasked with redesigning its product packaging in Canada to comply with Canadian regulatory standards and developing a specific product range for the Canadian market.

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The Approach

Several dozen products had their packaging thoroughly reviewed and adapted for the Canadian market. Product lines were identified by color coding to make it easier for consumers to recognize their favorite products. A large series of recipe and product photos were created to adorn the packaging and whet the consumer’s appetite.


For the new sausage range to be launched in Canada, Braque conducted a brand universe research, highlighting Johnsonville’s different value propositions: artisanal character, traditional family heritage, or centuries-old craftsmanship. The “Founder’s Reserve” brand was ultimately selected for its recall of the ancestral roots of Johnsonville’s founders, the Stayer family, and also implicitly evoking the exclusive nature of this range of very high-quality products.