3nergy branding and packaging


Discover the new 3nergy sports drink brand image and food packaging, developed by Braque.

3nergy is a brand-new range of products used to create customizable hydration drinks for athletes. Offering natural carbohydrate sources, simple electrolytes, and a selection of flavour options, 3nergy solutions are optimized to provide high-energy support and are easy to digest.


In preparation for its launch, the new company joined forces with Braque to create its corporate image, marketing strategy and packaging.

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The first challenge was to find a name for the brand. The chosen option, “3nergy”, is dynamic and refers to the three customizable elements of the solutions: the type of sweetener, the flavour and the intensity of the components (such as taste and electrolyte content).

The Creatives

When it came to the visual identity of the brand and its packaging, the goal was clear: to stand out from the competition by highlighting the innovative aspects of the hydration solutions. The products offered by 3nergy are highly customizable and created by sports nutrition professionals and molecular flavour experts using natural ingredients. The packaging had to convey the solutions’ cutting-edge nature.


I was looking for a clean, clinical feel, a laboratory look that was both serious and refined. Despite this, the multiple colours, reflecting the different flavours, add an organic and dynamic touch to the packaging.
– Phil Jones, Creative Director


Available in single-portion formats and 600-gram formats containing twenty portions, the food packaging achieves its primary objective: to showcase all the major product features while maintaining a clean appearance that allows the products to shine in a unique way. Meanwhile, the packaging for customized solutions that can be ordered online stands out with an elegant black reverse option, which does not represent a specific flavour.


Offering a high-end appearance that is easily recognizable despite the colour variations associated with the flavours, the world of 3nergy is simultaneously chic, innovative, and modern. “It’s a unique product, and the corporate branding had to mirror that. I believe we’ve accomplished our mission”, concludes Phil Jones.


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