Jean-Marc Demers

Johnsonville: New Packaging to Improve Shelf Performance

Braque was tasked by Johnsonville, a small American company which has become the sausage industry reference, to rethink its packaging for products destined for the Canadian market.

Expertise Packaging

Adapt to the tastes of Canadians 

The project’s goal was to adapt the label’s visuals to suit Canadian consumers and to ensure the consistency of the various product line labels to create a stronger brand in the market. 

New packaging and new categories 

In order to demonstrate the versatility of the products, Braque chose to feature pictures of recipes created using Johnsonville products. The dishes shown had to be fresh, original and healthy to suit Canadian eating habits. The agency also created a cutout on the label to highlight the client’s new logo.  

In order to standardize the packaging, Braque created new categories, defined by a colour code, to identify the different product families. 

  • Italiano for sausages with Italian-inspired flavours 
  • Country Style for sausages with more rustic flavours 
  • Pure Pork and Pure Beef for smoked sausages 
  • Breakfast Sausages for products intended for the first meal of the day

These categories were designed to be more easily identifiable in the grocery story, while allowing for the new flavours which will be added to the client’s offering over the next few years. 


A standardized product line that suits Canadian tastes and eating habits.

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