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Braque achievements: Two campaigns that surpassed their objectives

At Braque, we have a team that works to optimize each of our campaigns. Here are a few of our successful projects completed during the year.

Campaign results
Résultat signatures PGQ

Producteurs de grains du Québec 



Develop a campaign to raise awareness of the role of grain producers in the Québec food industry and economy. The objective was to promote the cause and collect signatures in support of the manifesto.  



Braque developed a multi-channel campaign including traditional and digital advertising as well as a microsite, which presented the reality of the Producteurs de grains du Québec. The campaign incited visitors to sign the manifesto. A key element of the campaign was the video manifesto featuring testimonials from Québec farmers. A touching and inspiring production that humanizes the cause.  



  • 10.2% engagement rate on social media in just 48 hours 
  • 1.50x signatures 
  • A social media engagement rate 141x higher than the industry average 

Maison Riviera campaign result

Maison Riviera



Use social media to bring the brand closer to consumers. 



Braque deployed a social media strategy that included value-added content creation, product launches, contests and paid campaigns. We also promoted more engaging content formats, such as stories.  



  • An engagement rate on Instagram 456% higher than the food industry average 
  • Facebook engagement rate 1080% higher than the food industry average 

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