Sweet Sixteen social media management in Canada

Social Marketing
higher engagement rate than food industry average on Meta.

Discover how Mondoux, a Canadian candy leader since 1967, captivated consumers with a Braque innovative social media strategy for its Sweet Sixteen brand.

A Canadian confectionery leader founded in 1967, Mondoux excels in distributing candies and chocolates nationwide, delighting millions of consumers over the years. In this highly competitive industry, Mondoux has built a solid foundation with classic crowd-pleasing products but has also stood out by creating an impactful flagship brand, Sweet Sixteen, aimed at reaching a new audience, younger and less familiar with traditional products. How to attract and retain these new consumers when brand equity is centered on tradition? Enter a refreshing social media strategy, courtesy of Braque.

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The Social Strategy

What’s more natural than leveraging entertainment and pleasure when it comes to candies? This social strategy is no exception. To reach and engage our primary audiences, Braque created a humorous and trend-inspired publishing calendar, building a likability capital with the brand that goes beyond just the product, no matter how enjoyable it may be.


Using original video content in stories and reels mode on Instagram and TikTok platforms created a notable excitement among new audiences, resulting in a 44.2% increase in Meta subscribers and an engagement rate 110% higher than the industry norm in Food & Beverage.


As an example, one of the August posts, the Candy Craving reel, reached over a million Meta subscribers with a well-coordinated, limited sponsorship, generating thousands of shares and tens of thousands of engagements across Canada.


The numerous references to current digital culture and the playful tone of the posts delighted the audience as a whole and created a sympathetic dynamic within the Sweet Sixteen community nationwide.



An engagement rate 110% higher than the Food & Beverge industry average on Meta.
A 44.2% growth in subscribers on Meta.
95.6% more people reached on Facebook compared to previous year.