Let the celebration begin!

Let the celebration begin!

Stephanie Blais
Stephanie Blais

Braque is 25. This means a lot, yet not so much at the same time.

A lot, because it represents remarkable longevity for a 100% Quebec-owned company.

No so much, because at 25, it is still possible to dream. There is so much yet to be done.

“Having dreams is as important in work as it is in life,” said Jean-Marc Demers, President of Braque. “Having dreams is having a goal. It drives progress and growth”. Which the agency has enjoyed systematically since 1992.

Since its modest beginnings on avenue du Parc, Braque has grown into an integrated agency with recognized digital expertise, having won several awards in e-commerce, digital media and the creation of multi-platform advertising.

Jean-Marc is himself surprised by what has been achieved. “We have accomplished such extraordinary things, grown so much, both personally and professionally, that we should be satisfied. But, we are not!”

Braque is always looking to the future. In addition to its strategic, creative, design and promotional services that have been offered since its founding, Braque launched a media planning service in 2008, then set up a division specialized in content marketing in 2017.

“Having dreams when we have 25 years of experience to make them come true,” said Marie-Josée Bourque, Vice-President of Client Services, “is a powerful driver of growth, a strong motivator for the members of the team.”

Located in Old Montreal since 2003, Braque enjoys a solid reputation in the food, travel and cultural industries, and has had several major mandates in the telecommunications, financial services and health sectors as well.

“Obviously, Braque is ready for another 25-year sprint. The fun has just begin,” said Jean-Marc Demers.

And that’s not a dream, it’s a reality.

Some pictures of the festivities.