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New awareness campaign for Choice Hotels Canada

Braque launched a new campaign to remind Canadians that a place to stay is never far away thanks to Choice Hotels Canada.

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Just in time for the holidays

When the summer vacation season was in full swing, and trips, planned or last minute, to explore our beautiful country or see friends and family, were on the rise, Choice Hotels Canada launched a new ad campaign to remind Canadians of the joy of travel and the ease of finding somewhere to stay thanks to its more than 320 locations across Canada.


Perfect accommodations for all occasions

Cheerful and fresh, this campaign reinforced the company’s brand position by featuring its warm, friendly and unpretentious service. It also informed consumers of the lowest price guarantee offered by the hotel chain.

There was also a version targeted to business people; after all, not everyone can take a summer vacation. It had the same light-hearted tone, which made the idea of reserving a business trip more inviting.

The campaign was launched in English and French and included 15-second full-length versions and six-second short versions shown as pre-program advertising on selected networks.


A warm, inviting campaign that positions Choice Hotels Canada accommodations as the ideal choice for all summer getaways.

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