Jean-Marc Demers

Mobile engagement and consideration campaign

As part of a full-funnel comprehensive strategy, Braque developed several consideration campaigns to create a connection between Choice Hotels Canada’s wide-reaching awareness initiatives and its other more targeted transactional initiatives.

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Reaching travellers where they are

The goal of this campaign was to reach potential customers while they were in the middle of planning their next getaway. Choice Hotels Canada intervened during the purchasing cycle to prompt potential customers to explore its wide range of accommodations so that they would consider the brand when making their final reservations.

Adapting to consumer habits

The campaigns were primarily run on mobiles to take advantage of the growing consumer habit of using mobile devices for vacation planning. By collaborating with various media partners, Braque succeeded in developing a creative product especially designed to catch the attention of people surfing the Internet and then guide them into a stimulating, immersive environment representative of Choice Hotels Canada. It featured a video of the brand that give consumers a glimpse of the Choice Hotels Canada experience as well as the highlights of what the chain has to offer.

The main indicator of the campaign’s success is the interaction of Internet users with the ad. So it was a question of measuring the number of clicks and views of the video, and click-thoughs to the website.


A campaign at the right place at the right time to attract travellers to the unique, inviting offering of Choice Hotels Canada.

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