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Conversion Campaign for RadiologiX

With its 17 clinics everywhere across the province, RadiologiX is among the leaders in medical imaging in Quebec.

Page de destination campagne de conversion

Despite the company’s remarkable growth, it noticed that some services weren’t performing as well as they should in certain regions. RadiologiX therefore called on Braque with the goal of increasing traffic and appointment bookings in these clinics.



The mandate’s biggest challenge was to successfully capture the existing demand for three specific services in the targeted regions. As well, RagiologiX’s goal included scheduling appointments, but the company did not have an optimal technological structure for customers to be able to do so online.



Particularly effective to convert potential clients in the consideration phase, paid search was the best strategy to reach users actively looking for medical imaging services.

Following extensive keyword research and analysis, Braque created several groups of Google Ads ads to target people according to their needs and location. The agency also created dynamic ads, which adapt to users’ search terms to better meet their needs and attract their attention.

Dashboard de la campagne de conversion RadiologiX

Thanks to real-time query analysis and Braque’s internal optimization strategies, the team was able to continuously improve the search terms and conversion rate during the campaign.

Finally, landing pages specifically dedicated to each service and optimized for scheduling appointments were also developed.


With thousands of visits on the landing pages and a conversion rate 91% higher than the health care industry average, the ads generated several hundred appointment bookings. Set to last over four months, the campaign immediately achieved excellent results: At only halfway through, Braque had already doubled the initial goal.

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