The A2C Open House at Braque

The A2C Open House at Braque

Stephanie Blais
Stephanie Blais

The 10th annual Portes ouvertes en agence of the l'A2C - Association des agences de communication créative. took place on February 2.

This open house event sees more than 500 college and university students paired with 35 participating creative communication agencies.

The goal of A2C’s brilliant initiative is to have students discover the work and the world of agencies during a half-day of activities.

Whether in the form of guided tours, agency presentations, industry portraits, stimulations or practical workshops, each student enjoys a unique, concrete experience according to what their paired agency offers.

At Braque, the case study of a newly launched campaign served as the basis of the exercise. Beginning with the signature of a confidentiality agreement, students experienced each phase in the campaign creation process: strategizing, creation, production and delivery of an approved campaign for air.

The participants were involved in strategic brainstorming to identify the tactics to use in order to successfully achieve the communications and marketing objectives identified in the client brief.

In this way, all the angles and types of expertise needed to execute such a campaign were covered and explained in order to help our participants identify their main area of interest, so that they could pursue a discussion with the appropriate person.

The day ended with a small cocktail at the agency so participants could mingle with employees from all departments and ask more specific questions about their academic and professional backgrounds, or simply about the nature of their work.

“Making the leap from the academic world to the agency world is a necessary passage that is sometimes easy, and other times long and difficult. We are happy to help simplify this step by sharing our stories, our realities so that the young people we meet can use this information to narrow down their career choices,” said Stéphanie Blais, Director of Communications and Strategy at Braque.

The President and CEO of the agency, Jean-Marc Demers, added, “Organizing the open house is a lot of work, but the repercussions for the industry and for these young people are massive. And it brings a really fun vibe to the agency to welcome future industry players for a half-day.”

Photo credits: Benoît Guérin