All for one and one for all

All for one and one for all

Jean-Marc Demers
Jean-Marc Demers

Multinational corporations have long handed their advertising budgets to large international agency networks part of umbrella companies such as WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic and Dentsu. Indeed, the service offering from these elephantine advertising agencies can readily match the equally gargantuan needs that leading brands often display. Furthermore, legacy agencies have amassed extensive experience in many industry verticals and can rival most marketing outfits in strategy and creative showcases, making their selection a safe and easy one for apprehensive marketing directors. But it’s mainly the ubiquity of that service offering across the same markets that these brands spread into that sets international agencies apart from local competitors of similar size.

While we, at Braque, think organizational and creative independence is invaluable, we also recognize the value of being supported by an international network of our peers, which is why we have joined Taan Worldwide in 2011. Here’s a review of why we consider this partnership to be inspirational, fecund, and ultimately beneficial.

Why join a network?

Streamlined access to national and international markets

Taan Worldwide has members in 67 markets of 32 countries around the world, making international marketing plans a definite possibility through each and every one of its constituents. With association meetings taking place three times a year, agency principals have come to know and trust their fellow members.

Access to specialists and industry expertise

Taan Worldwide is a diverse coalition of full-service, media, public relations and digital agencies that have garnered expertise in every possible industry vertical. Requests for support in specific fields of work happen on a weekly basis within the network, a testimony to the stock that has been placed in it by its adherents.

Exclusive access to forward thinking

All Taan Worldwide conferences introduce renowned speakers from the advertising world, thought leaders such as Jay Baer, Tim Williams and Pat Doody, just to name a few. This sharing of information ensures member agencies are aware of emerging trends and empowers them with a vision of where our world is headed.

It’s lonely at the top

Our members usually number less than 100 employees and agency principals are often alone at the helm. It’s the case with Braque and I was glad I could benefit from exclusive professional advice from peers that share their experiences with candour and complete transparency. It would probably be unsound to engage in such no holds barred interaction in politically-laden or competitive environments, but this is not the case with Taan Worldwide.

Why Taan Worldwide?

True international presence

With member agencies covering the globe from Singapore to San Diego, through Moscow and Buenos Aires, Taan Worldwide bestows a truly international perspective on our industry.

Strong roots and steady growth

Founded in 1936, the network has already demonstrated steadfast continuance. But it’s also adapting itself handsomely to a changing environment and is healthily pursuing its progression by recruiting new members every year. Its strong core meshes freely with the influx of fresh ideas coming from younger agencies.

Superior leadership

No one can corral unruly agency principals quite like our president Peter Gerritsen can. He thoroughly knows our industry, having founded a successful agency back in the days, and has chosen to devote himself to the benefit of his peers around the world. The Taan conferences he organizes are masterpieces of thought-provoking ideas and enlightening content, and leave every attendee with a head full of projects and innovation. And it’s often around him that, many hours after a packed meeting day has concluded, some of the most profound notions get exchanged.

Market exclusivity

We all like to get involved in regional chapters of agency associations, to uphold our brand in our markets and support our local industry, but true openness is easier to achieve in non-competitive environments. It also makes it easier to select a partnering agency when you need help in a given market.

In conclusion

Since joining Taan Worldwide, we have come to consider the network as an advisory board, a college at large and an incubator as well. We have been able to tap into a wealth of cumulative knowledge and experience that makes us, quite frankly, a better and healthier agency than ever. And being better at what we do can only benefit our client in the end, a true extension of what can the support of all mean for one aspiration to improve ourselves.