A strategy for the future starts with the present

Small and medium sized businesses often don’t have the resources in marketing to support their development. It’s only with solid marketing support that the most ambitious companies can stand out, and that’s exactly where Braque stands out: by encouraging growth.

Life insurance: a sensitive subject

SecuriGroup is an organization specializing in insurance for people 50 years and over and for the self-employed. They’ve been with Braque since 2010.

Foreseeing every move with a yearly plan

As the Agency of Record (AOR), Braque brings a complete overview of all marketing activities to SecuriGroup. Annual planning means the client can rest easy knowing that their objectives are being met and can therefore confidently plan for all the necessary resources (people, money). Launching new insurance products, internal sales contests, promotions and recruitment initiatives are all part of the different activities mapped out over the year.

Neutralize and share

Let's look at the campaign for Cancer insurance launched in the spring of 2013. When it comes to life insurance, the challenge is often twice as hard. To effectively convince the consumer, you need to break down the barriers of distrust and educate. In this campaign, Braque chose to educate the target market about the impact that a major illness could have on their finances and show them the importance of having adequate protection so they can concentrate on what’s most important: getting better. Braque demonstrated a problem and gave a solution. A radio spot was produced and broadcast across the province over 4 weeks.

A trusted partner for a better future

This campaign introduced our target to “Cancer Insurance” and positioned SécuriGroupe as a company that can be trusted, which gave the sales force the credibility it needed.

Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods

500,000 viewings, a classic rediscovered

It’s not easy to innovate in food. The recipe seems to have been invented a long time ago, and few companies have the desire to change a formula that can seemingly get short-term results. Aspiring to something more than the status quo, Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods turned to Braque to help them stir up the pot. The sensational in-store results of their latest sales promotions have shown that it’s possible to push the proverbial envelope of food marketing, especially with the help of new technology.