Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods

500,000 viewings, a classic rediscovered

It’s not easy to innovate in food. The recipe seems to have been invented a long time ago, and few companies have the desire to change a formula that can seemingly get short-term results. Aspiring to something more than the status quo, Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods turned to Braque to help them stir up the pot. The sensational in-store results of their latest sales promotions have shown that it’s possible to push the proverbial envelope of food marketing, especially with the help of new technology.

Reigniting the passion of a Quebec institution

As a classic in Quebec grocery stores, Aliments Ouimet-Cordon Bleu has been in the food industry for more than 80 years and is most notably known for their famous meatball stews. Since 2013, Braque has created and produced in-store promotions for three of the company’s brands: Cordon Bleu, Paris Pâté and Clark.

Restrictions, what restrictions?

In-store promotions have to abide by strict rules, which means creativity is often limited by challenges related to the store’s operations. Braque was able to deliver innovative solutions and unexpected creative to achieve unheard of results within the framework of the company’s promotional activities.

Re-establishing an established brand

The objective was clear: position the brand in an environment that is comfortable with traditional and heart-warming, and do it without any pretension and a good dose of self-deprecation. The unexpected humour and cheesy song was a powerful combination that turned the spot into a huge success.

Say it by singing it!

For the holiday period, Braque created a song and video entitled “Ricordon des Fêtes” that captured the festive spirit of yesteryear. In a setting that was slightly off-the-wall, the video took consumers to the Christmas party of an odd, but adorable family. An online pre-roll campaign was broadcast during the holiday season and invited people to download the complete version of the song from a microsite that was specially created for the occasion.

More viral than the flu

Together, the viral campaign on YouTube and the pre-roll of the holiday song (Ricordon des Fêtes) garnered 500,000 views. The complete version of the song was downloaded hundreds of times making Cordon Bleu’s foray into content creation a huge success.