Chambre de l'assurance de dommages

28% more first-time visitors

The Chambre de l’assurance de dommages has a global outreach mission and must make the most of every opportunity. By creating smart tools that motivate the target to take action, Braque was able to meet the challenges of their client.

Inform and educate

As a client of Braque’s since 2011, the mission of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages is to ensure the protection of the public in the areas of damage insurance and claims adjustment.

To make this campaign successful, it needed to be about awareness. In fact, a study done by the Chambre in 2011 confirmed that there was still work to do in educating the public and changing their perception of damage insurance, particularly with the following groups:

• Professionals (M/F) from 25 to 34 years living in metropolitan areas • Tenants looking for their first car • People who never filed a claim

A profession that needs to be heard

In 2012, Braque was given the mandate to develop a campaign that met the following objectives:

• Convince the target of the importance of being well-informed • Position the company as a trusted source of credible information
• Connect qualified visitors to pertinent content that’s easy to find

A call to action? It goes without saying

This was a major challenge, especially when we know that talking about damage insurance is not a reflex for a target that hasn’t experienced any damage. Beyond the creative strategy and concept that came out of it, Braque focused their efforts on developing a strong message and call-to-action that would resonate with the target market and motivate them to ask about damage insurance.

It's all due to media placement

By combining outdoor with an online campaign (banners with contextual targeting, audience targeting, and the purchase of keywords) the Chambre was able to attain three principal objectives. What’s more, the content and design work that was done on the section of the website that served as the driver for the campaign was clearly a factor in the success.

Reach and the power of attraction: An irresistible cocktail

The results speak for themselves:

The power of attraction: almost 20% increase in the number of unique visitors

Extended reach: Over 28% increase in the number of new visits

Qualified visitors and a carefully conceived landing page: Over 45% less bounce rate and an increase of 14% in the amount of time spent on the landing page.


A strategy for the future starts with the present

Small and medium sized businesses often don’t have the resources in marketing to support their development. It’s only with solid marketing support that the most ambitious companies can stand out, and that’s exactly where Braque stands out: by encouraging growth.